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                                 gain more exposure as an educator or expert in your field, or you want to learn from the experts how to build your business and to make the most of your entrepreneurial journey, the Launch Brand Grow is for YOU.

Our goal with the Launch Brand Grow is to help those who are ready to grow to build strong connections and networking opportunities, to find new clients and to help to serve them on a wider scale.

We want to help those who are in the 

mid- to beginning stages of their business journey to have high quality, actionable tools to help to push them ahead in their business in a way that no other community in the industry does.

You are the leaders and the learners, the students and the teachers, the builders and the growers and the creators and the marketers and the inspirerers and the cheerleaders and everyone in between.

YOU are the Launch Brand Grow Community. Welcome home, friend!

for leaders, learners,

& everyone in between

made for you, led by you

Whether you want to

join the launch brand grow!

- Kathryn Coffmann   |   Fashionably Frank Marketing

have been incredible so far!

the workshops & guest speakers

[the launch brand grow] has been an amazing space

to have at my fingertips.

just the beginning of what you get from the community:

paid courses & resources

- Over $1,000 worth of courses from
     our community experts, members 
     & influencers
- Over 300 styled stock photos from
     our amazing LBG photographers
- Over $700 worth of additional
     resources, templates, kits & more

Accountability & Networking

- Monthly & bi-monthly goal check ins
- Relationships with influencers and
     community members
- Monthly 1:1 access to and Hot Seats
     with our Leaders & experts
- Build relationships with members &
     become our community expert

publicity & visibility

- TONS of guest blogging, podcasting,
     speaking, etc opportunities with the
     official Launch Brand Grow brand as
     well as with fellow members,
     educators, influencers in the
- Members are constantly promoting
     each others launches and programs!

Empowerment & friendships

- Community coffee & co-working dates
- Annual Workcation retreat!*
- Local member meet up opportunities
- Thriving online community
- Speak alongside fellow members at
     our Creative Summits!

Leadership & influence

- Become a Leader and our go-to
     expert in your field!
- Build your audience, influence and
     close relationships with our
- Practice speaking, writing and
     leading in a safe, comfortable and
     encouraging atmosphere,

Monthly workshops & masterminds

- Live Q&As and help from the expert(s)
- Topics range from social media
     marketing to photography to email
     lists and more!
- New Leader each month for diverse
     subjects, perspective & inclusivity

I'm so ready!

join for only $27/month!!

is the monthly cost worth it?

                                                     wants to build their business, whether at the beginning stages or at a stage of scaling and growth, yes - this community is for you.

You could spend time pitching multiple bloggers, podcasts, magazines, speaking opportunities and more, or you could have a network of amazing ones at your fingertips.

You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on templates, courses, educational materials, stock 

photography, etc, or you could take advantage of all of this at one price point.

You could spend money and time with planners and organizational materials to keep yourself accountable, or you could build friendships with people who care about your wellbeing and your personal and business's growth.

You could slowly gain Instagram followers, or you could take advantage of the amazing network that is the Community.

Think of it this way:

We're your Business Partners, Social Media Managers, Copywriters, Marketers, Designers, Photographers, Publicists & more all rolled into ONE beautifully diverse and educational network.

for the entrepreneur who

- Katie Schwarz   |   Brand Personality Blueprint

& have prompted more growth than i could have anticipated.

The connections I've made have been invaluable

Growth in friendships, personal growth, social media followers, my email list, sales, clients - the whole shebang really.

I'm so ready!

join for only $27/month!!

What's the investment?

We've gone ahead and priced out the different services that you could purchase in order to get the results that many of our members have gotten by participating in the LBG Community:

We're a community already assembled FOR you and BY you.

We're like your very own business-y super hero squad, just waiting for you to call on us!

We'll help you with your branding, email growth, networking opportunities, pro-moting your launches, checking in about your goals and struggles, help with your customer concerns, video co-working time and so much more!

Business Strategists: $450 - $2000
Public Relations: $1600 - $2600
Stock Photographer: $250 - $500
Sponsored Blog Posts: $500 - $2000
Multiple Courses: $200 - $2000
Mastermind Community: $200 - $2500
Email Growth Strategist: $500 - $2000

or only $27/month

You could pay between $3,700 and $13,500

yes please! Sign me up

- Vanessa Ryan   |   Opt In for Profit Community

I love it here.

It doesn't matter where you're at in your business or what your business is:

you totally fit in.

virtual assistants
graphic designers
brand designers
web designers
social media managers
watercolor artists
bakery owners
pinterest strategists
business strategists
digital marketing strategists
direct sales reps
opt in specialists
data analysts
network marketers
community managers
research consultants
stationery designers
interior designers
health coaches
business coaches
jewelery designers
candle makers
furniture designers
design studios
Cake designers

here are just a few of the kinds of creatives we serve in the LBG

join 130+ creatives

join today!

Includes everything from the Monthly Pass PLUS:

Access to *Exclusive* Courses!

Get featured on the LBG Members Page!

Access to 300+ Styled Stock Photos from Atelier21 Co!

Priority Opportunity to Become a LBG Leader!

Priority Speaking Opportunities for Upcoming Summits!

Discount on the Annual Workcation Retreat!

Get one month FREE!


I want it all!!

Workshops, Masterminds & Basic Courses

Coffee Dates, Virtual Co-Working, Book Club, Writer's Guild & more!

Attend exclusive events and invite the entire Community to YOUR own workshops & launches

Be featured on the LBG Blog, Podcast & Social Channels!

Monthly & Bi-Monthly Goal Accountability Check Ins

Networking, Collaboration & Publicity Opportunities

& LOADS more!

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frequently asked questions

who is this community right for?

Creative Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses, connect with fellow business owners for collaborations and networking opportunities, create lasting relation-ships and/or who want the op-portunity to be seen as an influencer in their field!

I'm a new/old business owner. Is this for me?

Yes! Whether you're an established business or are just getting started, we'll have resources for YOU. We have conversations built around those who are just beginning as well as those looking to expand and find true growth.

Will my monthly/ annual fee ever go up?

Nope!! Take advantage of the introductory rate for the newly improved Community and your price will be locked in for as long as you stay with us! <3

will I get enough out of the membership?

You'll get out as much as you're willing to put in <3 We've had members who have been around since the beginning and they've had incredibly inspiring stories of how the LBG has changed their business completely. They show up consistently and contribute to the conversations!

Is this like a facebook group or?

We're hosted on a site that's specific-ally made for memberships and communities and we are LOVING it! We started out on Slack, which was great while the Community was still small, but this new network offers SO much more and truly feels like a unique, all-inclusive, beautiful community that's separate from everything else online. Plus, we have our own app! How neat!

can I become an affiliate of the LBG?

We'd love for you to be an affiliate! Our members get a 30% recurring commission for every friend or member of their audience who signs up for the LBG. We even have swipe files, photos and more for SUPER easy promoting.

I don't know if I'd make a good leader...

We have systems, scripts, trainings and more so that your month as a Leader goes buttery smooth, super easy and gives you tons of tools for hosting your OWN future workshops, networking events and more! Think of this as a safe space, highly trained (if needed), judgement-free  practice space <3

What sets the LBG apart from other communities?

As far as we know, we're the ONLY co-op style community that's built for the members but also BY the members, which allows a very diverse range of topics that we can cover, it spotlights YOU and your successes and knowledge and we've found that our members have greatly benefited from being the focal point of our marketing efforts!

what happened to copper kettle co?

We've officially retired out original brand! It's been a transition that's been coming for a long time, and while we're sad to see our beloved Kettle Logo retired, we are so grateful for the alignment that we've found with the LBG, The Modern Conference and our upcoming lifestyle blog, Raising Abundance <3

I'm so ready!

ready to join?

- Vanessa Kynes   |   Vanessa Kynes, LLC

I've doubled my email list, launched a course

since I've joined the LBG Community,

and made so many biz besties.

I wouldn't have had the confidence or the encouragement to launch without the LBG.

more questions? need help?

we've gotchu, boo

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I'm so ready!

join for only $27/month!!

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